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Shower Door Care & Information

Cleaning Tips

The best method to keep your glass sparkling clean is to wipe the glass surface with a squeegee after every use. This will ensure that water and soap residue does not have a chance to dry on the glass surface. After using a squeegee, use a clean soft towel or microfiber cloth to dry the frame and hardware. For light cleaning, avoid using any acid-based cleaning solutions, which are capable of damaging the metal or glass of your enclosure. Instead use a vinegar and water solution or a denatured alcohol and water solution. You can also use a few drops of a mild soap such as dishwashing liquid and warm water.

REMEMBER that the handles, towel bars and hinges are NOT designed to support your weight, that’s what grab bars are for. Never lean on the glass or push/pull with force as this can weaken the entire unit and can cause significant damage. The hinges on your door are designed to self-center within 5 degrees and are self-closing from 25 degrees.

NEVER use abrasive powders, abrasive pads, steel wool or products containing bleach or ammonia. These strong chemicals can corrode your hardware as well as compromise the silicone seals. Maintaining your polycarbonate door sweep (if included) is also important. Because seals are subject to friction wear (like windshield wipers), they are designed to be replaceable and are not a warranted item. To extend the life of your door sweep, simply clean with a mild soap and warm water. Do not use bleach, ammonia or any strong chemicals which will make the seals brittle and discolored.

Things to know about a Frameless Shower Enclosure

Frameless shower doors are NOT going to be water tight. A frameless shower door has by design small gaps in the hinges, seams and around the door. Gaps exist because the unit lacks the traditional thick metal frames. The gaps are in fact required to assure proper operation of the door. There are polycarbonate seals that can be added to lessen any leakage such as a bottom door sweep or a strike if your unit consists of a door and panel. Although polycarbonates are helpful, it may not completely eliminate water leaking out. Here are some issues to be avoided and tips to reduce the chance of water leakage:

  • Proper construction of your opening is imperative. Ensuring that your walls are plumb, level, and square will help all the pieces fit together more smoothly and will look the most appealing when done.
  • The tile on the shower curb should slightly slope toward the shower. If the tile slopes out, water is naturally going to follow gravity and could end up outside your shower.
  • NEVER point a shower head or direct water spray directly at the frameless shower door or panels! The polycarbonate seals help improve water tightness but a glass shower door is not an aquarium!

Although we try to point out any potential issues when measuring (i.e. tile slopes the wrong way, walls that are not plumb and level, or the orientation of a shower head) we cannot always distinguish what may or may not become an issue. We install hundreds of frameless shower enclosures every year and have minimal water leakage reports. Due to the nature of frameless shower enclosures, we cannot provide a warranty against water leakage. See additional warranty information. All sales are final.