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Benchmark Glass & Mirror, LLC

Insulated Glass Warranty

Benchmark Glass will warranty insulated glass units against material obstruction to vision due to defects in the material or workmanship which results in film formation or dust collection on the interior glass caused exclusively from the failure of the hermetic seal, other than through glass breakage, for a period of ten (10) years from the original installation date. This warranty will cover materials and labor for one (1) year after installation date. After year one, only the cost of materials will be covered and the customer will be solely responsible for the labor costs.

This warranty shall be void if the unit is installed in high moisture environments (including swimming pool enclosures or saunas), vehicle, a skylight or slope glazing. This warrant shall be void if a unit is modified in any way or form such as: film applied to the unit. This warranty does not cover glass breakage. Warranty only applies to glass installed by Benchmark Glass.

Any damage to a deteriorated wood, vinyl, aluminum or steel window or door frame during the installation process due to old, aged, excessively caulked, rotted wood, brittle, bent or damaged materials of the existing frame is not the responsibility of Benchmark Glass & Mirror to replace or repair at no charge. We will use complete care and skilled workmanship with the job conditions.

Shower Door Warranty Information

Benchmark Glass warranties all of our shower door installations and hardware against workmanship and manufacturing defects for a period of one (1) year from date of installation. If at any time during this period, you feel as though the original installation is failing, we will come and verify the issue, access the problem and make any necessary repair at no charge.

  • Polycarbonate or Acrylic sweeps, seals and doorstops are not warrantied. Keep in mind that replacement of these materials is considered routine maintenance and needs to be done periodically; therefore they are considered the owner’s responsibility.
  • There is no warranty against glass breakage or chipping once the product has left our care and custody. If breakage does occur at any time we will make every reasonable effort to make a quick replacement at the most reasonable price. Manufacturer defects in glass can occur from time to time and are typically within acceptable industry standards. However, if we have missed something in our inspection process, you will have up to 14 days from the installation date to bring this to our attention.
  • This warranty does not cover damage caused through faulty design of your residence or business, adjustments required due to house settling, damage or failure due to misuse, careless handling, alteration, misapplication, improper use of cleaning products, accidents, owner negligence, abuse, or to acts of nature.
  • Use of harsh, abnormal or abrasive chemical cleaning products will void the warranty; please follow guidelines provided for proper maintenance.
  • Discoloration or stains due to improper water chemistry, hard and non-filtered well water are not covered.
  • This warranty does not cover water leakage on any frameless or semi-frameless shower enclosure. Do to the nature and design of these products it is not always possible to achieve a water tight seal when no frame is used.
  • All sales are final. We do not issue refunds.
  • Our warranty is offered to the original purchaser and only as it relates to the original installation.